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HousingWORKS is the premier journal on social housing matters in Australia and New Zealand. It provides relevant and topical information to those working in the social housing sector - in the government, community and academic sectors. HousingWORKS is published four times a year, and provides topical, relevant and interesting articles on issues and events of direct interest to those working in, or have an interest in the social housing sector. HousingWORKS is free to members of the AHI, with subscriptions being available to non-members of the AHI

Through HousingWORKS we aim to:

  • communicate issues and developments in social housing 
  • highlight practice and professional development issues and promote understanding and discussion of these issues 
  • assist readers and AHI members to improve their knowledge of key issues in social housing research, policy and practice 
  • reflect on experiences and practice in social housing 
  • provide a range of viewpoints on key issues in social housing. From the perspectives of professionals in public, community sectors and academics
  • highlight the diversity of people and skills working across social housing
  • promote an informed view of the social housing profession and the services provided
  • contribute to a wider knowledge of policy and practice developments in social housing across Australia and New Zealand. 


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Call for Contributions – November 2018. HousingWORKS/Parity Joint Edition

HousingWORKS/Parity November 2018: 

"Marginal Housing: Where to Now?" Joint Edition

Call for contributions 

Once again the Australasian Housing Institute and the Council to Homeless Persons are combining their resources to publish a joint edition of their two publications. This will be the November 2018 "Marginal Housing: Where to Now?" joint edition of HousingWORKS and Parity.

Marginal housing has become an important issue because of the ongoing crisis in access to affordable housing and accommodation. The issue of marginal housing is a sometimes a “hidden” issue that only occasionally results in any public awareness or in media and policy responses to it.

Increasing numbers of people excluded from the housing market, people who are unable to access or afford private rental or who are ineligible for, or waiting for the ever-diminishing supply of social housing, are being forced into insecure marginal housing, that is, into boarding and rooming houses (both registered and unregistered), caravan parks and different kinds of shared accommodation.

The edition will build on previous publications and research that looked at boarding and rooming houses, caravan parks and the vicissitudes of insecure private rental. This edition Parity and Housing Works aims to examine the different forms and types of marginal housing as well as the responses of both government and services to the issues faced by people forced into marginal housing.

Please send us your article by COB Friday, 14 September 2018 Read our Contribution Guide

Contribute to HousingWORKS regular columns

Too busy to write a full article? We understand, but you can still make a valuable contribution to HousingWORKS by writing a piece for one of the following sections.

Vox Pop Section

This edition we’re asking the question: What needs to be done to prevent insecure tenancies and sub-standard housing being the only option for disadvantaged and marginalised people?" Please send a short (150-200 words) opinion piece to  for the chance to be featured in our leading journal.

Dear HousingWORKS: Readers’ Point of View

Thoughts on previous editions of the journal? Send the editor your feedback by completing the ongoing HousingWORKS review survey take the survey here. Your comments may be shared in the next edition of the journal under the Dear HousingWORKS: Readers’ Point of View section.

Social Housing Update

This column offers social housing providers and relevant businesses the platform to share brief (up to 250 words) company news updates and announcements.

Free submissions. Company updates featuring newsworthy items for the social housing sector will be published for free. While we can’t guarantee publication, we do our best to include items of genuine interest for our readership. Free company announcements can include: innovative projects, big social initiatives, large scale stock transfers, new providers launched or new tenders awarded. To demonstrate industry newsworthiness, we advise you to include a broader context to the announcement.

Advertorial submissions. If you would like to submit an announcement about upcoming events, staff appointments, office relocations or new services for social housing providers, please consider a low-cost ‘advertorial’ space. These submissions cost $300. Advertorial space includes your company logo and contact details. Advertorial submissions are FREE for AHI Corporate Supporters and Members.

How to submit. Please send your submisison by email for consideration by the AHI editorial team. Submissions should not exceed 250 words and should be submitted within general publication deadlines. We reserve the right to edit, revise and condense free contributions and to determine the placement and title of the announcement as per the general HousingWORKS Contributor Guide.

Deadline: All contributions must be submitted by COB Friday, 14 September 2018   

Submissions: All contributions should be submitted as Word attachments to an email addressed to AHI Members can submit their contributions to if they prefer All contributions should be submitted as Word Doc attachments in an email addressed to: . AHI Members can submit their contributions to if they prefer.

Questions: If you have any questions about contributing to this edition please refer to our detailed Contribution Guide or contact the Parity Editor (, 03 8415 6200) or Kelly Badewitz, Executive Officer, Australasian Housing Institute (, 02 6494 7566, 0427 952 690).

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The journal also offers a variety of advertising opportunities download our advertising brochure now to find out more. HousingWORKS is the most efficient and effective media to deliver your message right to your target audience. Our readers form a broad cross-section of the housing profession: policy and decision makers and government leaders in the growing community housing sphere; finance and property professionals in the private, public and community sectors; housing service delivery practitioners – executives through to frontline staff; Indigenous housing and community organisations; supported housing services; tenancy advice; working with the homeless; academics; and tenants of social housing organisations. Our rates start just from just $380 with significant discounts for the annual advertising package.

Review a previous HousingWORKS edition

This ongoing review survey is designed for AHI members and subscribers to provide feedback on HousingWORKS editions. You may choose to review each edition as they become available. Click here to participate in the survey.

AHI members may claim 10 CPD points for each HousingWORKS review to assist in meeting the continuing professional development requirements for Certified Housing Professional accreditation.

Previous issues

August 2018

The AHI is pleased to collaborate with our valued partner, Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) to produce this special edition of HousingWORKS. The special focus of this edition is the recent and highly successful Everybody’s Home Affordable Housing Conference.

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June/July 2018

June/July 2018 HousingWORKS / Parity edition focuses on the issues of workforce development in the homelessness and social housing sector.

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March 2018

March 2018 is an open edition and presents a diverse range of articles covering a wide range of topical and exciting issues in the housing sector, locally and internationally.

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December 2017

December 2017/January 2018 is a joint edition in partnership with AHURI to mark the 2017 National Housing Conference. It not only showcases the highlights and key presentations, but turns the spotlight on the winners of the AHI’s Professional Excellence in Housing Awards.

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September 2017

September 2017 is once again a joint publication of AHI's HousingWORKS and CHP's Parity, in which we examine and discuss the range of current tenancy issues that impact on the ability and capacity of people.

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June 2017

In June 2017 the AHI collaborated with the Aboriginal Housing Office NSW and the focus of the the June edition of HousingWORKS was on the theme of Indigenous Housing.

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March 2017

March 2017 HousingWORKS explores the important topic of innovation in social housing.

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December 2016

December 2016 is an open edition with abroad range of topics.

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October 2016

This joint edition of Parity and HousingWORKS underlines the important role that provision of support plays in achieving positive housing outcomes, particularly for people experiencing long-term homelessness.

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June 2016

June 2016 edition of HousingWORKS features a number of articles with a theme of long-term asset management and housing strategy.

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March 2016

March 2016 edition presents the reader with a diverse range of articles covering a wide range of topical and exciting issues in the housing sector, locally and internationally.

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December 2015

December 2015 is a a joint edition in partnership with AHURI and the WA Housing Authority – to mark the National Housing Conference 2015! It is packed with interesting articles by some of the key conference presenters. We also proudly toast the winners of the prestigious 2015 AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards.

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October 2015

The October 2015 edition is the product of a successful and ongoing partnership between the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) and the Australasian Housing Institute (AHI).Fittingly and in line with recent policy trends, we are now talking about the future of community housing and its role in ending homelessness.

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July 2015

The topic of the July 2015 edition of HousingWORKS is Tenant Participation, Engagement and Empowerment. The journal is full of bright and inspiring tenant stories and we would like to thank all the contributors.

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March 2015

In March 2015 edition of HousingWORKS we explore the world of social housing across Australia, New Zealand and - this time - the USA.

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December 2014

In December 2014 in collaboration with the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, we explored the topic of Indigenous Housing.

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October 2014

This issue showcases some recent excellent examples of social housing design and construction, and some of the best thinking by housing professionals on our approaches to inclusive housing design.

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May 2014

Once again the Australasian Housing Institute and the Council to Homeless Persons combined their resources to publish a joint edition of their two publications. In the May 2014 'Housing Insecurity and Homelessness' joint edition of HousingWorks and Parity we examine and discuss the manifold dimensions and implications of housing insecurity.

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April 2014

In March-April 2014 AHI collaborated with the Community Housing Aotearoa to bring you this Aotearoa/New Zealand-focussed edition of HousingWORKS that explores the challenges New Zealanders face and showcases a ‘taster’ of fantastic, innovative and collaborative community housing projects.

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December 2013

The Australasian Housing Institute, in collaboration with AHURI and Housing SA, has published a special edition of HousingWorks featuring a wrap-up from the National Housing Conference and also includes of inspirational stories from the AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards.

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October 2013

Following the interesting and successful collaboration with the Council to Homelessness Persons during the preparation of the joint edition of HousingWORKS - Parity magazine, it was decided to continue exploring the important topic of homelessness. The topic of the September 2013 edition of HousingWORKS is "Ending Homelessness".

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July 2013

This time the Council to Homeless Persons and the Australasian Housing Institute combined their efforts to give their readers an opportunity to look into the future of social housing. With help of our article contributors and sponsors we have prepared an edition where readers will be able to find different points of view from landlords, tenants, social housing supporters, researches and academics.

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March 2013

Our March journal's theme is ‘Tenant participation in social housing’. We hear from a wide variety of people – housing staff, tenant advocates, researchers and, most importantly, the tenants themselves.

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December 2012

December 2012 features news from the National Housing Conference in Brisbane, and reflections on the AHI Awards for excellence in social housing.

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October 2012

Our October 2012 edition of HousingWORKS focuses on the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA). This hard- fought agreement between the Australian Commonwealth and State Government has acted as a framework for new approaches to delivering social and affordable housing.

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June 2012

In this special edition of HousingWorks, we have endeavoured to provide a balanced a cross-section of topical and timely stories under the overall theme of Indigenous housing.

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