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Promote Your Membership

Promote Your AHI Membership

If you are proud to be a part of the Australasian community of social housing professionals and would like to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to the professional development and promote the social housing sector Code of Conduct among your peers, you can promote your membership with the Australasian Housing Institute through your network. By joining the Institute as a Member, you not only commit to continually improve your technical and professional knowledge, but also accept and abide the Institute's Code of Conduct, which sets out in detail the standards of personal and professional conduct required and includes a number of specific rules for self-employed members. 

We have prepared a couple of handy tools and tips how you can promote AHI Membership and your commitment to your social housing career through your professional network.


A member who has been accepted to a particular category of membership shall be entitled to use the initials shown below. 

  • Affiliate Member Affil.AHI 
  • Associate Member Assoc.AHI 
  • Member MAHI

Feel free to add this post-nominals to your business cards, website profiles and profiles in social media (e.g. LinkedIn)

A Member may use the relevant indicia of membership only for so long as that person’s membership of the Institute is current.

AHI Member Logo

We have developed special logos that AHI Members can use in print and digital materials.

Corporate logo. Corporate Members and Associates can use AHI Corporate Member/Associate logo on their websites, print brochures, in tender documentation, commercial proposals etc. 

Individual Member logo. Members of the Institute and Certified Housing Professionals can use logo in the following media:

  • email signatures
  • profile pages on websites
  • CVs
  • business cards
  • LinkedIn profile 

Award Winner logo. Award winner logo can be used both through corporate and individual media channels.

Adding your membership credentials to your LinkedIn profile

Examples of how AHI Members can promote their membership via LinkedIn include:

  • Add post-nominals to your name
  • Add Member Logo to a profile Summary as a picture
  • In the ‘Organisations’ section, write ‘Australasian Housing Institute 20XX – present: Member’ to add AHI logo to your profile 
  • In the ‘Certifications’ section, you can add not only your CHP accreditation, but also your membership
  • Add volunteering experience if you're involved in AHI committee activities
  • Add any articles you submitted to HousingWORKS magazine

Please, feel free to contact us to request your Membership Logo or PDF article you'd like to add to your profile in LinkedIn.