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AHI Professional Practice Seminars and Master Classes

  • Professional Practice Seminars
  • Master Classes

Professional Practice Seminars

Professional Practice Seminars are defined as single session devoted to presentations on and active discussion of a specialised topic, usually at an advanced or professional level. Seminars usually involve speaker presentations, case studies, panel Q&A with experienced industry practitioners. 

  • "Very well presented - I liked the breadth of academic and practical topics / speakers"

    -- Scott McGregor, 4 walls Ltd
  • "Very interesting and thought-provoking topics and presentations were well done"

    -- Rick Christie, Haven
  • "Very practical and ranging from ground roots to large country wide issues"

    -- Kathleen Cain, Link Housing
  • "Well balanced suite of topics/presentations with excellent centrepiece of the Tenant Discussion Panel"

    -- Paula Rix, Shelter NSW
  • "Well suited to the theme promoted and a good mix of community housing, state perspective and key stakeholders/partners"

    -- Julie Fernandez, Hume Community Housing

Asset Management

A professional practice seminar providing senior housing professionals with an interest in asset management the opportunity to exchange ideas and innovative practice methods to manage housing portfolios for sustainable stakeholder outcomes.  Discussion areas include: asset management strategy; responsive maintenance and repairs; planned maintenance; minimising waste and inefficiency in the built asset maintenance process, stock acquisition and development; partnerships and new business.  Industry housing professionals with expertise in asset management from both government and private social and community housing sectors have been invited to present. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Housing Affordability

This seminar will bring together different government, private, and public organisations to offer delegates an opportunity to come to a more informed position on the issues associated with housing affordability in Australia. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Indigenous Housing

This seminar aims to provide an opportunity for mainstream public and community housing professionals to join with experts working in the indigenous social housing field to improve understanding of the respective sectors and identify opportunities for service planning and delivery across all sectors for the benefit of the indigenous community. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Mixed Tenure Housing

This seminar investigates innovation in mixed housing tenure development and approaches to manage places in mixed tenure developments. Potential topic areas:

  • Research: mixed tenure versus mono-tenure outcomes
  • Mixed tenure housing models
  • Mixed tenure - why would you do it?
  • Place making in  mixed  tenure  developments
  • Case studies of new mixed tenure developments
  • Shared home ownership

  For more information/dates please visit the seminar page


Partnerships to Support Social Housing Tenants

This professional practice seminar aims to provide opportunity for social housing professionals to explore partnership options between housing providers and support and community services that assist tenants to manage sustainable tenancies and aid their positive engagement and integration into the wider community. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Tenant Participation and Engagement

This seminar provides senior housing professionals with opportunity to explore approaches for tenant participation, engagement and empowerment in Australia and internationally. The one-day professional practice seminars in Melbourne (March 2014) and Sydney (September 2013) bought together a respected group of speakers including industry specialists, leaders and researchers in the tenant participation field who each presented view for involving tenants as customers and stakeholders so to enhance tenant morale and communities. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Stock Transfer: Opportunities and Challenges

With transfers of social housing to community housing providers gathering momentum in Australia, this seminar provides timely opportunity to take stock of stock transfer process, past, present and future. For more information/dates please visit the seminar page

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning for Housing Providers

Business continuity and disaster planning aims to ensure that an organisation’s critical business functions can continue to be executed in the event of a major disruption or disaster. The organisation is more resilient, survives the event and is able to minimise the impacts on its business operations and clients. With the seminar in Christchurch a focus was on learning from housing providers and industry professionals who have been responsible to enact business continuity and disaster plans and are actively involved in disaster recovery.

Past event: 28-29 July 2014, Christchirch

Creating People Places

This seminar aims to provide social housing and place making professionals opportunity to: consider concept and strategy for creating interesting and engaging places, and explore place making projects and approach that contribute to positive social change in a community. 

Past event: 17 June 2014, Sydney

Master Class Series

Master Classes are defined as premium multi-day events focussing on current issues for experienced industry leaders.

Aboriginal Housing Master Class

The intent of this Master Class event is to provide an opportunity for senior housing professionals whose primary focus is housing aboriginal people and leaders from emerging aboriginal housing to share results and generate ideas to work toward resolving existing aboriginal housing issues and act on future aboriginal housing needs. Read more


Leadership Master Class

Purposefully residential, the Leadership Master Class empowers delegates to take focused time and space to refresh and extend their leadership capabilities to aid success and meet demands of future social housing industry growth and change. The event provides a unique opportunity for existing and emerging leaders of social housing policy and practice to participate in a high-level development program with their industry peers. Read more


People and Places

The People and Places series of Master Classes and Networking Events is designed to support senior housing professionals involved in place making, community renewal and urban regeneration. Three Master Classes from the ‘People and Places’ series were hosted in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Participants and speakers from all around Australia and New Zealand had opportunity to focus views, sharing and learning on the built form and social and economic development. The events included virtual and real tours of local and international projects giving participants the opportunity to see firsthand some of the interesting work underway and communicate with the project leaders.

Call for Speakers

The AHI welcomes expressions of interest from industry professionals to contribute to our professional development events as presenters at our professional practice seminars and master class events. 

This is a great opportunity to assist your industry colleagues to grow and develop and share ideas and good practice for the betterment of the industry.  All presenters at AHI events receive 40 CPD points.  

AHI members and non-members are welcome to apply.  Please, download Expression of Interest Form. Please submit your proposal to Donella Roberts

 Please note:

  • Although it is very helpful, contributors are not required to have experience presenting in a seminar environment
  • Contributors must be prepared to dedicate time for preparation and delivery (e.g. preparation of presentation notes) and be available promptly at stated event times
  • Contributors must refrain from promoting their own products or services during the presentation
  • Speakers at AHI seminars receive complimentary registration for the event in lieu of speaker fees
  • If selected, the information provided will be modified and used in the marketing brochure and website