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AHI Trainers

The AHI contracts the services of highly experienced practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. Our dynamic workshop facilitators receive considerable praise for their ability to consistently deliver on learning outcomes in workshops that are both highly interactive and thought provoking.

John Flanagan

    B Soc Wk, Masters of Gestalt Therapy


Dare Kavanagh

    Master of Primary Healthcare, Graduate Certificate in Dialogue, Deliberation and Community Engagement, Diplomas in Community Development and Adult Education


Steve Morgan

    Doctor of Psychology, Masters Degree in Education, Bachelors Degree (Honours) Psychology





Donella Roberts

    Diploma in Management, Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment


Since completing his Bachelor of Social Work in 1988, John Flanagan has had an extensive history in working in direct service delivery in a range of work contexts as well as in organisational development and training. He has recently completed his Masters of Gestalt Therapy and has developed a practice that focuses on experiential, adventure and Gestalt therapies combining these approaches in his work style. John has also delivered a broad range of training both accredited and non-accredited. 

In recent years, John’s primary work focus has been as a private consultant in the area of customer engagement, organisational development and review. He has significant experience in designing, planning and facilitating engagement systems, team building, organisational development activities, strategic, business and quality planning systems and programs for a broad range of services both government and community based.John has an extended history in housing presently conducting an initiative project on private rental access to social housing tenants.

  AHI Workshops facilitated by John Include:
  • Building Resilience 
  • Client Focussed Team Management 
  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture 
  • Understanding Anti-Social Behaviour 
  • Understanding Trauma 
  • Working with Complex and Demanding Clients 


Dare is a Canadian born Australian who has lived and worked in Canada, Sweden, UK and Australia. Dare holds a masters degree in Primary Health Care specialising in public policy and social determinants of health, as well as a post graduate certificate in community engagement, deliberation and dialogue. Dare also holds qualifications in community development and adult education and is a member of both the AHI and the International Association for Public Participation.

For most of the past 25 years, Dare has worked in community development, human service policy and community engagement in the government and non-government agencies. Dare has worked in social housing since 2000 in a range of areas including housing policy, homelessness, and housing systems. In 2005, Dare started work in tenant engagement with Housing NSW’s Strategic Project Division. Strategic Projects was established to plan and deliver large scale urban and community renewal in selected social housing estates. Its redevelopment approach has a strong emphasis on active resident engagement to achieve its objectives of enhancing opportunities, building capacity and improving the built environment.

Dare was a leading member of the tenant engagement team for the award winning engagement processes at Bonnyrigg and Airds Bradbury. In 2010, the Airds Bradbury tenant engagement process won the Australasian award for Innovation in Public Participation and the International Project of the Year award from the International Association for Public Participation. Dare regularly lectures and teaches community engagement at universities, conferences and professional development seminars. Dare is passionate about enabling communities to work together to make their neighbourhoods great places for people to live, grow and thrive.

AHI Workshops facilitated by Dare include: 

  • Making Tenant Participation and Engagement Meaningful

Dr Morgan has worked in a range of clinical environments from 1983, including Acute and Forensic Psychiatric Units and Hospitals, Adolescent Psychiatry, Private Psychiatry, Corrections, Disability (Family and Early Childhood Services), Student Support Services, Employee Assistance Programs aswell in full-time private practice as a Forensic-Clinical Psychologist and Trainer from 2001 to 2010.

He was appointed to the International Criminal Court in The Hague from January 2010 to May2011. He was involved in the provision of reports to all ICC Courtrooms and Trial Chambers in respectto the participation of vulnerable victims and witnesses in Courtroom proceedings. He was alsoinvolved in regular field missions in varied African locations for assessment and case managementpurposes associated with the conduct of ICC trial processes. Prior to this, Dr Morgan worked within and managed a team of psychologists from 2001 to 2010 offering expert forensic / clinical assessment and psychological intervention for adults and children,also specialised alcohol and drug assessment and treatment in a dedicated way. Other treatment elements have been inclusive of work with clients with depression, anger management concerns, PTSD, complex trauma, relationship concerns, pain management concerns and anxiety disorders - including assessment and treatment of clients / victims of violent and sexual assault. Treatment has also been provided for sexual and violent offenders. Dr Morgan has provided Courtroom expert evidence in Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates Court matters.

From May 2003 to August 2006 he was additionally appointed to the Queensland Community Corrections Board, acting as the State Parole Board. He has offered professional training, consultancy, adult education and tertiary education within all states of Australia, also New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands.

AHI Workshops facilitated by Steve include

  • Conflict Resolution Fundamentals
  • Working with clients who have drug and/or alcohol dependency
  • Working with Complex and Demanding Clients

Donella Roberts has enjoyed career success in frontline management through to executivelevel roles within world-renowned and industry-leading corporate organisations.

Drawing on her operational, team management, training and human resources exposure,both in Australia and internationally, Donella established a successful boutique events management, training and consulting business in 2005.

As an extension of this business, Donella assists the AHI with the management of the professsional development program, coordination of events and projects, and facilitation of professional development workshops.

AHI Workshops run by Donella include:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Awareness
  • Managing for Success
  • Managing Staff for Improved Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Positive Customer Service
  • Stepping Up - A Roadmap for New Supervisors