About our Branch Committees

The Institute was created for housing professionals and, what is more important, by the efforts of housing professionals. Each AHI Member plays a significant role in creating and maintaining our professional association. The Institute's strength depends on members' involvement in its programs. One of the most meaningful and active mechanisms for members to get involved is through AHI branch committees.

The AHI local branch committees consist of volunteers whose principal function is the development and organisation of local events, membership drive and engagement and promoting the AHI Awards, accreditation and mentoring programs.


Branch Committee Members

We appreciate the input of every member who volunteered their time as a branch committee member.

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Branch Committee Nominations

If you are interested in electing to join a branch committee, it is recommended to initially discuss interest with the Branch Chair in your jurisdiction to learn about their activities and how you may contribute. You may also like to request to attend a Branch Committee meeting prior to nominating.

Once you have determined your interest, please submit a Branch Committee Nomination online. Note, only AHI members may access and complete this form.

Nominations are forwarded to branch committee for consideration, with the Branch Chair informing AHI and the nominee of the outcome.

Upon acceptance, the AHI sends a welcome email and request to update online bio and photo to assist in announcing appointment via HousingPEOPLE newsletter and the website.