The Institute was created for housing professionals and, what is more important, by efforts of housing professionals. Each AHI member plays a significant role in creating and maintaining the industry association. The Institute ís strength depends on the level of membership involvement in its programs. One of the most meaningful and active mechanism for members to get involved are AHI Branch Committees.

We appreciate the input of every Branch member who volunteered their time.


Francis Brazil - Director
Nicholas Loder - Chair
Rebecca Pinkstone
Donald Proctor
Mark Singer
Unis Goh 
Will Roden
Christina Hough
Helen Wood
Sharon Collinge

New Zealand

Vicky McLaren - Director
Robert Macbeth - Chair

Abu Hoque
Carol Gould
Chris Glaudel
Fiona Matthews
Greg Orchard
Jackie Pivac 
Marc Slade
Scott Figenshow
Hope Simonsen 
John McDonald


Michelle Walker- Director


Julie Blake - Director
Wendy Hackel
Wendy Malycha
Andrew Davis
Carmel King
Mark Williams
Marlene Littlewood
Nicole Chaplin
Gregg Ryan
Geoff Slack


Bernard Wilson - Director
Frances Paterson-Flieder
Sonya Keep
Victor Jackson 
Jamie Muchall
Andy Denniss


Chris Chaplin - Director
Trudi Ray - Chair

Jeanette Large


Lisa Roberts- Director


Sean Kelly - Director


John Shevlin - Director