HousingWORKS is the premier journal on social housing matters in Australia and New Zealand

HousingWORKS is the quarterly magazine of the Australasian Housing Institute. It is a practice focused journal highlighting and showcasing the work and interests of people involved in housing across Australia and New Zealand.

AHI Editorial Policy for HousingWorks

  1. The journal is primarily for members and should be an independent voice, and reflect the diversity of opinion within the sector.
  2. We aim to publish all articles we receive which are of sufficient quality. If there are quality issues, we will work with contributors to make changes.
  3. The AHI will explain to contributors if there are concerns about quality, views being expressed in articles, or if we feel the article should not be published in HousingWorks. If the contributor is not satisfied, the AHI Board will be asked to decide on the issue. "The Board's decision will be final."
  4. Final proof copies of each article will be sent to contributors for their approval before publication.
  5. Agreements to accept sponsorship of special issues, or to work in partnership with others on special issues, will be subject to AHI Board approval. If there are any special conditions attached to special issues, these will be made clear to contributors. For reasons of transparency and protection of AHI's reputation, any special conditions be published as part of the issue.
  6. While advertising is encouraged in HousingWorks, advertisers will not have a say on editorial issues. 

HousingWORKS. Notes for Contributors

The Editor welcomes contributions from members and housing professionals on topics which are of interest to the industry.  

In each edition of the magazine we aim for a mix of articles which reflect the interests of members and the broader industry.  We seek a balance between articles which focus on practice issues, opinion and comment, policy and research.  We also aim to include contributions from people in New Zealand, around Australia and overseas.  Only rarely will HousingWORKS have a particular theme.  Our quarterly call for contributions will give contributors an idea of our topic preferences for any particular edition.

One page articles are 750 words including an image. Two page articles are 1500 words including images. Articles should be written in a clear, accessible  and style suitable to the wide readership of HousingWORKS. The journal is read by the staff of public and community housing agencies, community sector volunteers, academics and other interested persons, representing a wide spectrum of career stages, interests and knowledge. 

Articles are illustrated with photos, diagrams, maps and other relevant pictures. We request that you provide us with four (4) illustrations for your article.  We particularly appreciate photos that personalise the piece and add to the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the subject matter.  The Editor may be able to help through library stocks. Please submit all imagery as separate files (i.e. not embedded in a Word doc) at high print resolution (300dpi). An author headshot and 50-word bio must accompany all articles

  • 1-page article = 750 words plus image
  • 2-page article = 1,500 words plus images
  • 3-page article = 2,250 words plus images
  • 4-page article = 3,000 words plus images

Note: Articles with multiple images and diagrams may be spread over more pages.

The Editor
We reserve the right to edit, revise and condense contributions and to determine the placement and titling of the article. These decisions will, as far as possible, be taken in consultation with the author.  Publication of the contribution will be at the discretion of the editor. 

Submitting contributions

Articles should be submitted electronically by e-mail to admin@housinginsitute.org. Files should be in Microsoft Word format.  
We request that contributors submit with their article

  • A short biographical note (1 or 2 sentences)
  • Any acknowledgements
  • Full referencing (Harvard style preferred)
  • A recent photo of each author (these need not be formal head and shoulder shots)
  • Suitable photos /diagrams/ other illustrations appropriate to the article, preferably high resolution for best reproduction. 

Contributors should note that they are responsible for:

  • Obtaining any necessary copyright permission for material in their article, including photographs and other illustrations;
  • Accuracy of the content of their articles;
  • Acknowledgements;
  • Copyright of the published article is vested in HousingWORKS. Articles may be reproduced by the author with prior permission from the AHI.

All enquiries about contributions to HousingWORKS should be directed to the Editor admin@housinginstitute.org.