The Australasian Housing Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Online Learning Portal, an affordable and easy to access learning tool, which enables AHI members to learn in thier own time no matter where they're located.

Take advantage of a range options to invest in your continuing professional development.

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Members may purchase an Online Learning Annual Pass for $200 which will provide them with access to the AHI Online Learning Portal where they may select up to 5 courses from the Learning Pass Catalogue list. Selected courses may be completed and revisited at any time during the 12 month period. Additional courses from the Learning Pass Course List may be purchased by Online Learning Annual Pass holders for $35 per title.

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A range of bite-size 30 - 90 minute online courses are available to online learning pass holders.

Organisation Knowledge
Emotional Intelligence
Developing Effective Policies
Change Management

Office Ergonomics
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination (AU)
Work-Life Balance for the Team
Office 365 Overview

Course overviews are provided below.

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The Institute will be working to develop and offer additional online courses, including industry-specific and management and leadership topics.

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The AHI Online Learning Annual Pass provides you with an access to the online learning portal where you may select up to 5 courses from the available learning passcourse list. Selected courses may be completed and revisited at any time during the 12 month period. Additional online learning pass course titles may be purchased by Online Learning Annual Pass holders for $35 per title.

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Holders of the AHI Online Learning Annual Pass are able to purchase additional learning pass courses for $35 per title. Selected courses may be completed and revisited at any time during the 12 month period.

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Online Learning Pass Course Overviews

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage oneself and one’s relationships with others in a mature and constructive manner. A substantial body of evidence suggests that emotional intelligence is closely related to workplace success at all levels of the organisation.

This course looks at six aspects of emotional intelligence, to help develop your skills and abilities in improving your own effectiveness in managing yourself and your relationships in the workplace.

Organisation Knowledge

To achieve optimum performance and long term success all organisations have to respond and adapt to the external environment. Similarly, job specifications within an organisation are conditioned by the plans that need to be followed in order to change.

This course addresses the ability you require in having the knowledge and understanding of your organisation's objectives, strategies and plans and the external environment in which it operates.

Developing Effective Policies

This course explores techniques for identifying policy gaps and opportunities within community sector organisations and will guide you through the policy development, validation and approval process. You will also be introduced to strategies for policy implementation, promotion and ongoing review.

This course is aimed at leaders in the community services industry. However, the insights, information and ideas presented will benefit employees of all levels. After all, we're all leaders in one way or another!


Each team has a unique 'team personality' made up from the individuals that form it. It is this aspect that determines how effectively the team works together, the quality of their performance and what they are capable of achieving.

This course looks at how teams work together to achieve common results, referred to as team objectives. Effective teams have a common 'team spirit' which directly impacts on their results.

Change Management

Change is an inevitable part of life. Nothing remains static and the way we respond to change varies from individual to individual. Approximately one half of the population resists it, while the other half welcomes it.

This course examines the change management process and the ways in which an understanding of the causes of resistance can be turned to positive advantage in meeting organisational objectives.

Work-Balance for the Team

Work-life balance is often a core need for many team members. Having the ability to deliver great work as well as meet personal commitments is a must for some people to stay engaged in their work, as well as stay in their jobs and with the company. Without good work-life balance, many people struggle to perform at work, and thus diminish their ability to contribute to the team.

This course presents the most common work-life balance elements. Your goal is to create an average team rating for each work-life balance element. This information will be used as the foundation for a team discussion.

Office 365 Overview

This course is designed to give an overview of Office 365 features, functionality, and navigation of the online environment.

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity suite that allows a user to access many of the Office tools and features online from any device with an Internet connection. It helps facilitate sharing and collaboration. Learn to sign into Office 365 from anywhere, and navigate the Office 365 environment. Learn to customize the environment to your specifications and download the Office apps to your mobile device.

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

This course empowers employees by giving them a toolkit to respond appropriately to bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace.

You'll be given the appropriate steps to take, information around escalating concerns to appropriate organisational structures, and a mind map for moving beyond these behaviours to nurture an organic culture of inclusivity.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

We all deserve a safe, productive work environment. One in which everybody shows up in a condition to do the job well. This course looks at how alcohol and other drugs can get in the way of showing up fit for work.

This course will teach you:

·       Your duty of care in keeping the workplace free from alcohol and other drugs

·       The impact alcohol and other drugs can have on work, safety, and interactions with others

·       The potential reasons people may use these substances, and

·       Some positive steps they can take to find support and kick the habit.

Office Ergonomics

A recent ergonomics study found that on average, adults spent roughly 39 hours per week at work — with people employed in more sedentary occupations spending 22 hours a week sitting. It's frightening to think that with incorrect ergonomics, people are slowly but surely damaging their bodies for over 1000 hours on any year. Well fear not, because we've got our best man (or dummy) on the case! Follow Crash T. Dummy as he puts his body on the line so we don't have to.

The Office Ergonomics Course will teach you:

·       The risks associated with poor ergonomics

·       How to correctly set up your workstation to prevent injury, and

·       The simple exercises you can do throughout the day to keep you healthy and active