Director, NSW

Place Coordinator, SGCH

Francis has worked in housing for over 20 years in Australia and the UK. He has worked for large group structures and small community led organisations gaining experience in tenant participation, community regeneration and place making, as well as evaluation methodology.

He now works in the largest Community Housing provider in NSW and manages two teams as a Practice Lead for Community Development and Place Making, connecting community and statutory organisations with public and private tenants to increase the overall collective impact in turning around failing areas and increasing outcomes. He oversees the Community Development strategic outcomes for the whole organistaion and has an holistic approach to tenant participation and community cohesion while utilising his evaluation skills for analysis around future projections of need in both community development and place coordination. He is adept at building partnerships and bringing statutory and community organisations together to enhance their ability to serve their local communities.

He is a member of the AHI NSW branch and is the NSW Director on the AHI board and has a Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Housing. He is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Political Economy at Sydney University.