Certified Housing Professional (CHP) is the accreditation awarded to housing professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to their profession and continuing professional development. It is our great pleasure to see the growing success of the Certified Housing Professional (CHP) program. With more than 80 housing professionals accredited, CHP accreditation is strengthening as the industry benchmark for competency and professionalism in housing.

Life Members and Patrons

Mike Allen, NSW 
Andrew Cappie-Wood, NSW
Bernie Coates, NSW
Joan Ferguson, NSW
Vivienne Milligan, NSW

Certified Housing Professionals

NSW || NZ || QLD || SA || TAS || VIC || WA


Level 3Level 2Level 1
Dave Adamson
Francis Brazil
Lynne Beiers
Greg Budworth
Martin Crockford
Tony Gilmour
Robin Fletcher
Unis Goh
Christina Hough
Nicholas Loder
Anthony Nolan
Rebecca Pinkstone
Dallas Prescott
Donald Proctor
Will Roden
Mark Singer
Andrew Stone
Catherine Stuart
Shaun Walsh

Julia Medley
Krystal Moores
Ben Rees

Mark O'Dwyer
Kathleen Cain

New Zealand

Level 3Level 2Level 1
Anton Botha
Recardo Bosch
Alison Cadman
Angie Cairncross
Scott Figenshow
Chris Glaudel
Carmen Lynskey
Robert Macbeth
Vicki McLaren
Greg Orchard
Julia Saunders
Hope Simonsen
Marc Slade
David Zussman

Suzanne Chittenden
Liz Kemp
Judi Little
Corrina McGregor
Jess Rutland

Georgina Willers


Level 3Level 2Level 1
Jon Eastgate
Meghan Hibbert
Frances Paterson-Fleider
Clare Phythian
Bernard Wilson

Yvette Paterson



Level 3Level 2Level 1

Julie Blake
James Clough
Andrew Davis
Carmel King
Scott Langford
Wendy Malycha
Deb Robinson
Garry Spurling
Michael White

Geoffrey Barclay
Darren Huitema

Trish Buhagiar
Jamie McAllister



Level 3Level 2Level 1
Lynden Pennicott

Lisa Roberts



Level 3Level 2Level 1
Steve Bevington
Chris Chaplin
Amanda Donohoe
Jeanette Large
Joanna Leckie
Michael Lennon
Trudi Ray

Charmaine White



Level 3Level 2Level 1
Steve Altham
Sean Kelly
Kathryn Moorey

Kerry Bergh

Marie Friend
Aobakwe Mamona


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