Influencing without Authority – Online Workshop, 24 September 2020

10:00am Thursday, 24 September 2020
1:00pm Thursday, 24 September 2020
Professional Development Workshops

No matter your job role or position, part of your success in getting things done depends on being able to influence people over whom you have no direct authority.

The Influencing Without Authority online workshop presents clear and effective principles and practical strategies for convincing and influencing those around you in order to accomplish important workplace goals - to benefit you, your colleagues, and your organisation.

 Workshop content:

  • Planning Your Influence Strategy
    • The difference between influence, persuasion, power and manipulation
    • Different ways to influence – credibility vs. logic vs. emotion
    • Utilising Cialdini’s principles of persuasion
    • What do you wish to achieve? – outcome, relationship, costs, benefits, concessions
    • Targeting your communication to the recipient
    • Understanding their values and beliefs – matching and creating alignment
    • Identifying the benefits to them – selecting the right type of information
    • Preparing for any objections – thinking and feeling
    • Disarming objections by pre-empting them
    • Timing is everything – look for the signs
    • Establishing rapport with the recipien
    • Make it about them rather than you
    • Delivering persuasive and compelling messages
  • Increasing Assertiveness
    • Recognising why people are not assertive
    • Directness of communication and consideration for others
    • Open aggression, concealed aggression, passiveness and assertiveness
    • The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness with clients
    • Building assertiveness: using the ASERT process
    • Analysing the Situation – dealing with emotions and perceptions
    • Stating Your Position – using the right words
    • Evaluating Nonverbal Behaviours – yours and theirs
    • Receiving Feedback – responding positively
    • Testing for Understanding – moving the relationship forward
    • Understanding how it feels to be assertive
    • How to give people information that they don’t want to hear
    • Communicating more directly and with greater confidence


  • 3-hour interactive Zoom workshop – join details provided upon registration
  • Participants will require access to PC/Laptop with speakers, microphone and webcam


  • Non member: $250
  • Senior Professional Member: $175
  • Professional Member: $187
  • Member: $200
  • Affiliate: $225

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Presenter: Scott Henderson

Scott is a registered psychologist with a solid background as an educator.  He has worked as a lecturer in psychology, behavioural science and research at the Universities of Sydney and Western Sydney.  Lecturing for 6 years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Scott specialised in the disciplines of health and social psychology.  His expertise includes such areas as leadership, teams and group dynamics, communication and body language, persuasion techniques, stress, and workplace satisfaction.

Since 1999, his work in the corporate sector has spanned the spectrum from industrial psychologist to corporate trainer.  In 2004 he became a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching and continues to coach both individuals and teams at all levels within the companies with which he works.


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$250.00 *
$250.00 *
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Additional Information

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