Half, one or two day training courses focusing on professional development in a range topic areas for all professional levels. The AHI contracts the services of highly experienced practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. Our dynamic workshop facilitators receive considerable praise for their ability to consistently deliver on learning outcomes in workshops that are both highly interactive and thought provoking. Workshops are available for public and in-house delivery.

Building Resilience

Building Resilience is a one-day workshop designed to develop worker coping and sustainability. The content includes review of models and strategies for coping with a complex and demanding client group in an uncertain social and political context. The workshop is also unashamedly positive in focus, with the participant's enjoyment of the workshop a focal aim.

Change Management

This half-day workshop investigates different types of change, explains the importance of managing a smooth change process, and offers guidance on motivating your people to work together in making business changes.

Client Focussed Service Collaborations

This one-day workshop aims to assist people who work in housing organisations develop collaborative working relationships with other organisations in order to deliver quality client services to tenants and other customers.

Client Focussed Team Management

This one-day workshop provides an opportunity for housing team managers to come together to share elements of client focussed team management, and insights into the essence of leadership behaviours that support a healthy team with a strong client focus.

Conflict Resolution Fundamentals

This one-day workshop presents an enjoyable review of conflict and relevant theories, as applied to individuals and groups. Training will review solutions, inclusive of communicative processes, the development of mutual goals, win-win situations via negotiation and the management of our own anxieties in such situations.

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

This one-day workshop helps organisations proactively approach positive aspects of culture whilst also addressing negative cultural traits, norms, and actions. A motivated, engaged and productive workforce within a high functioning workspace culture is the optimal circumstances to deliver quality client outcomes.

Leadership Effective Teams

Having an effective team around you is crucial. However, it is an area that is left to chance, which can lead to demotivated individuals that do not feel part of the business and consequently do not perform. This one-day course looks at what it takes to lead an effective team and how you can get the best out of the people in it by understanding the role of leader both personally and from the point of view of your team.

Making Tenant Participation and Engagement Meaningful

A one-day workshop is designed to strengthen skills and expand techniques for tenant engagement; enable participants to better understand the value and purpose of engaging tenants; and to strengthen a culture of tenant engagement in line with good practice in social housing management.

Managing for Success

The aim of this two-day workshop is to examine the role of manager and explore key management skills. Participants are encouraged to reflect on strengths and weaknesses, practice management approaches and identify opportunities to maximise management effectiveness.

Managing Staff for Improved Performance

This half-day workshop provides an opportunity for team managers and supervisors to focus on elements of employee management around communication, training your staff, managing performance reviews and KPIs as well as keeping your staff motivated and happy.

Mental Health First Aid

A two-day workshop designed to improve the mental health literacy of the community. The workshop engages participants in a variety of small and large group case scenarios and activities that allow you to practise and reinforce the learning gained in the information and content lessons. You will be given ongoing feedback during the practical group sessions to ensure the techniques you practise will be effective in your working environment.

Performance Management

This half-day workshop provides an opportunity for team managers and supervisors to come together to explore the roles of recognising good performance and managing underperformance plays in creating a well-disciplined organisation.

Positive Customer Service

The aim of this one-day workshop is to build capability of individuals to provide a high quality customer service experience consistently; based on a positive mind-set, behaviours and communication skills.

Stepping Up - A Roadmap for New Supervisors

The goal of this one-day workshop is to provide participants with an accurate, real-life picture of what it means to be a supervisor, the expectations for the position, the skillsand knowledge required as a supervisor, and the path to effectively supervise others.

Understanding Trauma

This one-day workshop is designed to increase awareness, understanding and effective skills relevant to working in the housing sector with clients with trauma experiences.

Understanding Anti-Social Behaviour

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to provide information on the current research, practices and trends of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Australia and overseas to inform and support the practice of frontline workers. Importantly, the workshop aims to generate discussion and debate in the participant groups concerning the nature, causes and strategies used in working and dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Working with Clients who have Drug and/or Alcohol Dependency

This one-day workshop is provided to assist housing workers who work with people who may be experiencingdifficulties in living that may be associated with alcohol or substance abuse issues (abuse, misuse and dependency).

Working with Complex and Demanding Clients

This one-day workshop aims to assist people in delivering quality client services to those whose situations are complex and whose behaviour is, at times, demanding and challenging. It will enable staff to develop strategies and communication skills to work more effectively in such client situations.