2020 AHI Mentoring Program Launch Event

11:00am Thursday, 4 June 2020
12:00pm Thursday, 4 June 2020
Webinars / Online Training

The mentoring intake welcome event allows invited mentee/mentor pairs taking part in the 2020 Mentoring Program to come together at the commencement of the program to foster their relationship, engage with other pairs and gain ideas and tips for managing the mentoring relationship.

The intake event aims to assist pairs to a positive start to get the most out of their mentoring experience.

Mentoring Program manager Donella Roberts will lead the discussion, and provide attendees with an overview of the roles Mentee and Mentor, key program stages and timelines, availability of mentoring tools, training and support.

Who should attend:

Upon acceptance into the 2020 program, Mentees and Mentors will be automatically registered for this event.


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