Continuing professional development (CPD) is how housing professionals maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives. 

Certified Professionals and Certified Senior Professionals are required to participate regularly in ongoing development activities related to their role within the housing sector and maintain an online CPD Diary in the member portal.


CPD Activities and Points

Activities that may be logged as continuing professional development include those that improve and broaden knowledge, expertise and competence. This includes:

  • Attending structured training workshops
  • Attending or speaking at industry-related* conferences or seminars 
  • Authoring an article published in a peer-reviewed industry-related journal
  • Participating in industry-related* focus groups or committees external to own role/organisation
  • Participating in a formal mentoring program
  • Completing nationally recognised qualification programs
  • Undertaking tertiary studies 

Please note:

  • Whilst CPD takes many forms, performing assigned work tasks or responsibilities , including undertaking projects or attending work-related meetings or committees as a requirement of your role, are not typically considered as CPD. 
  • For the purpose of meeting the ongoing development requirement for accreditation the CPD points associated with each diary entry are assigned an expiry period; the points associated with most non-qualification activities expire after 12 months, vocational qualifications 24 months, and tertiary qualification points expire after 36 months.
  • A maximum of 80 CPD points will be awarded to any activity.

The table below summarises the types of activities and associated points that may be logged in a member's CPD diary.




AHI Meeting Attendance - Attendance at AHI branch committee meeting, AHI board meeting, or AHI AGM

10 per AHI meeting

12 months

Member of AHI Excellence Awards Judging Panel or other industry-related judging panel

 50 per awards cycle

12 months from first Awards committee meeting date

Participant in AHI Mentoring Program (mentee or mentor)50 per program cycle12 months from date of mentoring agreement

Completion of HousingWORKS review survey

10 per edition reviewed

12 months from date of review

Participation in an industry-related* seminar, training course or webinar (AHI or other provider)

10 per half day or webinar

20 per day

12 months

Director on board of industry-related* organisation

50 per year

12 months from start date of directorship - to be logged each year of board membership

Attendance at industry-related networking event*, community of practice event or AHI Awards Ceremony event

10 per event

12 months

Preparing author of application for AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Program

10 per application

12 months

Participation in formal (structured, off-job) workplace training within the social housing industry

10 per half day

20 per day

12 months

Active member* in AHI LinkedIn group

10 per year

12 months

Member of industry-related professional association (other than AHI) or subscription to industry related publications (other than HousingWORKS)

20 CPD points per membership/subscription

12 months from start date of membership period - to be logged each year of renewal

Speaker, panellist, trainer or facilitator at an industry-related conference, workshop or seminar

40 per event

12 months

Published industry-related article, research paper, book, interview, report, opinion piece (e.g. HousingPEOPLE, HousingWORKS, AHURI, University, LinkedIn)

20 per short article, vox pop reply, interview or event wrap-up report

40 per long article, research paper,  report, book chapter
60 per book

12 months from publication date

Nationally recognised vocational qualification in related discipline (e.g. Nationally recognised Certificate or Diploma - NZQA or AQF or international equivalent)

50 per full qualification
(30 per statement of attainment for partial completion)

24 months

Tertiary qualification in related discipline (e.g. Advanced Diploma, Degree or higher)

80 per qualification

36 months


Industry-related  (or related discpline) is defined as professional development or a qualification that has a connection to the social housing sector and skills/knowledge obtained assist the individual in their role/s within a social housing role context. 

Short article vs. Long article - as a guide, a short article is typically considered 1 page or less, or up to 500 words, whereas a long article is likely 2+ pages, or more then 500 words.

Active member in AHI LinkedIn group, means the person has contributed to the group/s by commenting on a discussion, or starting a discussion on at least two occasions.  This should be evidenced by uploading screenshots of your discussion activity as supporting documentation.

Networking events and community or practice events are defined as events where industry-related professionals come together to connect, learn and share with like-minded professionals from other organisations, sectors or jurisdictions. This may include committee or working group meetings where attendance at these meetings are not part of your normal or regular work duties.

CPD Diary Entries

Members who wish to apply to become and maintain Certified Professional (PAHIc) or Certified Senior Professional (SPAHIc) status are required to maintain an online CPD Diary.

  • CPD diary entries for attendance at AHI events that you have registered for via teh AHI website are automated, and therefore do not need to be entered by the member.
  • Courses undertaken via the AHI Online Learning Portal must be entered manually to your CPD diary.
  • CPD diary entries prior to 2019 have been imported from the retired member portal. These entries indicate system-created titles.

How to Update Your CPD Diary

1. Login to AHI website
  • Use Member Login button top right

  • Username is your email address

  • If you do not know your password, use the ‘request new password’ link
2. Navigate to CPD Diary
  1. Navigate to: My Portal > My Content > CPD Diary
  2. Click on ‘Add CPD Diary Entry’ button
  3. Enter details of activity:
  • CPD Activity Name: Enter title of event/training attended or title of article/book published

  • CPD Details:

    • Activity Completion Date – enter event date or date of publication

    • Activity Provider or Publisher: enter name of organisation who organised the event or publisher’s name

    • Description – enter additional details of activity to aid AHI in determining category and duration of activity

    • Supporting Documentation – upload a document that evidences your attendance, such as a receipt, confirmation email, diary entry or certificate of attendance. In the absence of this type of evidence being available to you, you may add to the description a brief personal account of what was covered and/or your personal insights/takeaways from the activity

  • CPD Points: If known, enter CPD points in the category that best describes the activity, e.g. ½ day or webinar = 10 points, full day = 20 points – see above for full points table
3. Create application for Professional Certification

If not already done so, create your Certified HOusing Professional Accreditation application:

  1. Navigate to: My Portal > My Content > CPD Diary>Additional Profile Information>Create Certified Housing Professional Accreditation

  2. Follow online instructions to record industry experience and highest industry related qualification

Meeting CPD Obligations

Ongoing CPD is a mandatory obligation for all members wishing to maintain Professional Certification.

CPD obligations are dependent on certification level:

  • Certified Senior Professional (SPAHIc) - 100 current CPD points
  • Certified Professional (PAHIc) - 60 current CPD points

If a Certified Professional is unable to meet their CPD obligation their certified status may be withdrawn until such time as they can meet the CPD requirements.

In the case of parental leave or extended absence from work due to illness, an application for reduction in CPD obligations may be made in writing to reduce CPD obligations for a limited period. Applications must include brief explanation of why the member is applying for a reduction in CPD obligations and all relevant dates, for instance going on parental leave, the start date and finish date of that leave. In case of parental leave and extended leave due to illness, a member may be granted a CPD grace period during their leave and up to 6 months following their leave to meet the CPD obligations.