Continuing professional developmen (CPD) is how housing professionals maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives. 

Housing professionals who are accredited as a Certified Housing Professional are required to participate regularly in CPD that is related to their role within the housing sector and maintain an online CPD diary in the member portal.

CPD Activities and Points

 Some activities that may be logged as continuing professional development include:

  • Participating in industry-related* focus groups 
  • In-house education sessions
  • Attending industry-related* conferences, workshops and seminars 
  • Having an article published in a peer-reviewed industry-related journal
  • Postgraduate studies 

Activities that are normal or regular work activities are not typically considered as CPD.  For example, attending an in-house meeting or meeting with other stakeholders on a regular basis as part of your normal duties would not be considered CPD. 

The table below summarises the types of activities and associated points that may be logged in a member's CPD diary.




AHI Meeting Attendance - Attendance at AHI branch committee meeting, AHI board meeting, or AHI AGM

10 per meeting

12 months

Member of AHI Excellence Awards Judging Panel

 50 per awards cycle

Valid from first awards meeting, to 12 months after last awards meeting

Review of HousingWORKS publications - Evidenced through review survey response

10 CPD points per edition reviewed

12 months from edition date

Participation in an industry-related seminar, training course or webinar

10 per half day or webinar

20 per day

12 months

Attendance at industry-related networking event* or AHI Awards Ceremony event

10 per event

12 months

Preparing author of application for AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Program

10 per application

12 months

Participation in formal (structured, off-job) workplace training within the social housing industry

10 per half day

20 per day

12 months

Active member* in AHI LinkedIn group


12 months

Membership of industry-related professional association (other than AHI) or subscription to industry related publications (other than HousingWORKS)

10 CPD points per membership/subscription

expires at end of subscription/membership as evidenced

Presentation, panellist, trainer or facilitator at an industry-related conference, workshop or seminar

40 per event

12 months

Contribution to HousingWORKS Vox Pop or 'Who's New at AHI'

10 per vox pop reply or interview

 12 months

Published industry-related article, research paper or book, e.g. HousingWORKS, AHURI, University

20 per short article

40 per research paper or report

60 per book

12 months from publication date

Nationally recognised vocational qualification in related discipline (e.g. Nationally recognised Certificate or Diploma - NZQA or AQF or international equivalent)

50 per full qualification
(30 per statement of attainment for partial completion)

24 months

Tertiary qualification in related discipline (e.g. Advanced Diploma, Degree or higher)

80 per qualification

36 months


Industry-related is defined as CPD that has a connection to the social housing sector. When determining if a claimed qualification or event meets the “related discipline and industry-related” criteria, it will be considered how it contributes to the individual’s social housing role/s. 

Active member in AHI LinkedIn group, means the person has contributed to the group/s by commenting on a discussion, or starting a discussion on at least two occasions.  This should be evidenced by uploading screenshots of your discussion activity.

Networking events are defined as events where industry-related professionals come together to connect, learn and share with like-minded professionals from other organisations, sectors or jurisdictions.