Ahi Professional Certification is awarded to housing professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to the housing profession and continuing professional development.

Housing professionals know that the field is diverse, complex and constantly moving.  We work hard to keep up and keep ahead.  This dedication to continuing development and professionalism warrants recognition by our employers, partners, clients and the broader community. 

Professional Certification provides a clear and tangible signal to the community, government, industry and employers that Certified Professional Members (PAHIc) and Certified Senior Professional Members (SPAHIc) are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to building the social housing profession through industry membership and continuing professional development.

Benefits to becoming a Certified Professional

  • Ensures you continually build the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your role, providing increased value to your organisation and your clients 

  • Shows your commitment to your self-development, your career and to the wider housing industry 

  • Enables you to evaluate your learning and recognise its real value

  • Enables you to plan and achieve your development and career goals

  • Provides competitive edge for employment and advancement opportunities in the housing sector

  • Eligibility to use the PAHIc or SPAHIc post-nominals

  • Listing on AHI website

  • Professional Certification Certificate

  • Use of Professional Certification badge

Levels of Professional Certification





Certified Professional Member


Established housing professionals that demonstrate commitment to professionalism through ongoing professional development

Current professional level membership

2+ Years Industry Experience

60 Current CPD Points*

Eligibility to use PAHIc post-nominals

Listed on Ahi website

Certified Professional Certificate

Use of Certified Professional Badge

Certified Senior Professional Member


Well-established and highly experienced housing professionals that demonstrate commitment to professionalism through ongoing professional development

Current Senior Professional level membership

5+ Years Industry Experience

100 Current CPD Points*

Formal industry related qualification (tertiary or vocational) or completion of the AHI Executive Program or 3+ years experience at executive level within housing industry

Eligibility to use SPAHIc post-nominals

Listed on Ahi website

Eligibilty to be featured in Ahi publications or social media posts

Certified Senior Professional  Certificate

Use of Certified Senior Professional Badge

How to Become a Certified Professional

You must be a current professional or senior professional member to apply for professional certification.

Please follow these simple steps to apply:

1. Login to AHI website:

  • Use Member Login button top right
  • Username is your email address
  • If you do not know your password, use the ‘request new password’ link

2. Update your CPD diary with all recent CPD activites:

  • Navigate to: My Portal > My Content > CPD Diary
  • Learn more about updating your CPD diary
  • *CPD point are subject to expiry periods therefore a CPD diary must be maintained ongoing with current points to retain certification

3. Create your Professional Certification application:

  • Navigate to: My Portal > My Content > CPD Diary>Additional Profile Information>Create CHP Accreditation
  • Follow online instructions to record industry experience and highest industry related qualification


Appeals or Complaints Regarding Non-Issue of Professional Certification

If a member wishes to appeal against the decision made by the Insitute regarding the non-issue or ineligibility of  Professional Certification, an appeal should be made in writing to admin@housinginstitute.org. All appeals are acknowledged in writing within three working days of receipt. The CEO will investigate the nature of the appeal and the facts as they apply and advise the member of the decision in writing. If the member is not satisfied with the CEO's decision, they have the right to seek redress from the AHI Board.