Australasian Housing Institute launches new membership structure

The Australasian Housing Institute (AHI) – the leading association for social housing professionals across Australia and New Zealand – is pleased to announce some important changes to individual memberships. 

The housing sector is constantly evolving, and so too is the housing profession. To keep up with the wider industry and remain relevant to members, AHI is updating its membership structure by introducing new membership levels that better represent the housing professionals of today and tomorrow. 

We support housing professionals at every stage of their career and understand that their professional needs change over time, and therefore across different levels of membership. The new membership levels are set up to reflect a housing professional career and every membership level includes benefits that are in the most need at every stage. The restructure will also make AHI services more accessible, especially to those who live in rural and remote areas.

The new structure for individual membership comprises four tiers:

  • Member level is targeted at emerging social housing professionals, for example graduate or professionals who just started working in the social housing sector.
  • AHI Professional Membership is open to social housing professionals, including front-line staff, middle level practitioners and academics, who feel ready to take up next steps in their career, would like to advance their skills and demonstrate their commitment to the industry. 
  • AHI Senior Professional Membership is available for industry leaders and experienced housing practitioners who have demonstrated commitment to the housing sector through 8+ years  industry experience.
  • We're also offering the AHI Affiliate Membership which is open to anyone who is engaged or has an interest in social housing, yet doesn’t directly work in the sector, for example, students, tenants, retired professionals, volunteers and related service providers.

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The new fee structure for corporate members comprises five tiers. Every corporate member employee receives an individual membership to AHI (Member level) and only pays the difference for a membership upgrade to Professional and Senior Professional levels. Organisations are able to choose between membership levels, depending on the size, requirements and level of involvement.  

  • Micro for organisations with turnover less than $2m
  • Small for organisations with turnover less than $6m
  • Medium for organisations with turnover less than $30m
  • Large for organisations with turnover of more than $30m
  • Affiliate for industry suppliers 

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